40 year service medals issued to Firefighters

Today marks a time of particular interest to a number of Fire Service individuals across the country, as they are being awarded with medals for their lengthy service and commitment to the brigade. The ceremony is taking place today in Dublin’s Red Cow hotel.

Medals are being given out to those who have been with the service for 20 and 30 years. Not only this, but there are a few special awards being given out for members who have committed themselves for 40 years to their communities as a Retained Fire Fighter. It is the first time in this country that a 40 year service medal has been awarded and it is rightfully due for the men and women who serve this front line service.

Back in March of this year, the NRFA met with Minister Damien English and NDFEM Director Sean Hogan to discuss and implement the presentation of the 1916 commemorative medals to firefighters, and the 40 year exemplary service medal to firefighters across the country. Now we in the NRFA are delighted to be able to see this accomplishment come to light and wish to thank all involved for their help in granting these awards to the deserved.

The NRFA also wishes to thank the families of these Firefighters. Without your commitment, the fire service would not be where it is today. You have stuck by your partner, son, daughter, whomever, through this tough job and it is a credit to you also for the achievements of these men and women.

Lastly, we want to congratulate the receivers themselves today. Thank you for all your efforts over the years to help and respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your work as a firefighter may still be ongoing but we, and the communities in which you serve, very much appreciate the dedication you have to saving lives on a daily basis. We wish you, and your families, the very best for what the future may bring.

NRFA & members

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