About NRFA

What is the NRFA?

The NRFA is a representative body for all retained firefighters, we are not a trade union, we are an association . We are a body that works solely on behalf of all firefighters in Ireland. It is our wish to serve the community as best we can by empowering our members and by using the resources available to us. As firefighters we need a voice that is as important as the work we do.

That voice can come in the shape of a national association where we all come together united as one to lobby our T.D.s, councillors or any other political representatives who can help address our issues. Issues such as discontent, low moral & frustration which have affected the service for over a decade.
Firefighters on the front line have been taken for granted by those that head the service at government level for far too long. We, as a united group need vast improvements ASAP , both structurally and financially at a national level. Retention and recruitment of staff has become a major issue due to more and more personnel resigning their positions because these problems have not been resolved. This leaves the crews diminished to dangerous levels , resulting in added pressure for the remaining firefighters.Unfortunately we are all facing the same difficulties

within the retained services , for example, reduction in calls, massive call charges imposed on families, low crewing levels in stations, so regardless of where you serve as a firefighter , be it Cork, Donegal, Galway or Louth these problems are present . The solution we are proposing is that, you become part of an association that is committed to working with all stakeholders to bring the fire service to where it should be and improving the service for both the public and the firefighters that serve in it !