Aoibheann’s Pink Tie collection: August 31st 2019

With less than a week to go, we are on the final stretch towards The National Retained Firefighters of Ireland bucket collection in aid of Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. Collections will be taking place country wide with Firefighters donning their branded pink bibs and supporting this wonderful children’s cancer charity. If you see your local firefighters out in their pink bibs on the day, please donate what you can as all proceeds go to this wonderful organisation.

We realised from a very early stage that Aoibheann’s was going to be the charity of choice through the dedication and work that the volunteers carry out on a daily basis. 96% of proceeds collected for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie goes directly into the charity itself, with the final 4% being utilised for the only 2 part time staff that keep the charity running and other costs incurred by the organisation.

The Retained Firefighters of Ireland are proud to be able to associate themselves with Aoibheann’s Pink Tie and the wonderful work they do. Our 10-year plan is to help with the development of accommodation for families when they are going through their toughest of times. If you watch some of our videos produced, you will see and understand why this is a crucial and vital need to the families of Ireland. We never know when we might find ourselves in a position of need, but you can be rest assured that should something happen, Aoibheann’s will be there, sometimes without you even realising.

So please, on the 31st of August, help us put out the fire on children’s cancer. Think of the families who have been struck by this terminal affliction. Think about the children who are restricted to quarantined areas within their hospital. Think about the families who have to travel afar just to be with their loved one’s day in day out. Think about what happens when the parents need a place to stay and there is no accommodation locally. Think about the parents, their work commitments, and how much they rely upon this to keep up mortgage repayments. All of these are contributing factors to what Aoibheann’s Pink Tie help with, and the Retained Firefighters of Ireland are behind them 100%.

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