Demonstration of Frustration - November 15th

At our latest national meeting which was held on Saturday past the 5th of November, the NRFA confirmed that ,Mr John Brady TD for county Wicklow will be taking a motion to government on behalf of the Irish retained firefighters on Tuesday evening the 15th of November for the establishment of a cross party Oireachtas Committee.

The sole purpose of this Oireachtas Committee wil be to meet with all stakeholders within the Irish retained fire service, and to bring recommendations back to government in relation to there findings.

This is a massive opportunity for retained firefighters from every county to come forward with solutions and present them in front of this committee, should this motion being passed in the Dail next Tuesday evening the 15th of November.

Also at our national meeting on Saturday,a proposal came from the floor,that firefighters hold a Demonstration Of Frustration in conjunction with our motion going in front of government on the afternoon of Tuesday the 15th of November in order to highlight the issues facing the Irish retained firefighters in 2022,this motion was seconded and unanimously supported by all counties present.

Firefighters will assemble in Maynooth county Kildare, and in Bray county Wicklow at approximately 13:30 where parking will be made available. (Meeting point will be the train station in both counties)

After assembly at the proposed time and locations, it is hoped that all who are in attendance board the appropriate train to travel to Dublin, and reassemble at Connolly Station at approximately 3pm,and from there collectively make our way to Leinster House to hold a Demonstration Of Frustration on behalf of all the Irish retained firefighters.

We are asking all Firefighters, Retired Firefighters, family, friends and every member of the public to please attend and help us help our local communities!!