fighting fire with fire

Our retained fire service nationally is almost at breaking point! With the service unable to recruit or retain staff, which is life threatening to both the fire fighters themselves and their communities, we as a front-line service need a national overhaul in the way we deliver our service to the people who depend on us throughout the country.

The time is now here for us as fire fighters to unite and become ONE! We owe it not only to ourselves, but our families and our communities also. The below link is only an example of how desperate situations actually are nationwide. This is not only unique to the county of Waterford, but many other counties also. Management and the government have for too long taken the good will of the retained fire fighter for granted. The Retained Fire Fighters can no longer stand by and let the service continue to decline.

Click here to view article in “The Munster Express” – By Kieran Foley. Published on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

OUR lives matter, and that of our PARTNER’S and CHILDREN’S also. We need to WAKE up and STAND up for ourselves and our loved ones. Fire fighters nationally need to UNITE to voice the necessary changes that are needed to be able to deliver a modern service which provides for us as a front-line service with proper remuneration for the job we do. We need a work life balance that lets us take a fuller part in our families lives. We cannot buy back those absent years. We need to be able to continue our service to our communities as these are the people that we live amongst and we all deserve better!

If you are a Retained member of the fire service, join the NRFA and let’s voice together for the greater good of all.

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