How to Join the N.R.F.A. Ireland

The N.R.F.A. is open to serving and retired Firefighters across Ireland. As the largest firefighters community, becoming an N.R.F.A. Ireland member is simple. 


Step 1 - Complete Short Membership Form.

In order to join the N.R.F.A. you must first sign up to become a member of our website. To do so, we ask you complete a few simple fields such as telling us your name, station, rank etc. aswell as creating a password. 

  Registration Form


Step 2 - Add Payment Details

Once you have logged into your account dashboard you can gain access to our exclusive member content by adding a payment method. Membership of the N.R.F.A. Costs €35 per year which can be billed annually or as a standing charge each month. Once you've completed step you can navigate to your Dashboard and add your chosen card details via the Add Payment Info Section. 


Step 3 - Choose Your Membership Option

As mentioned above, we are pleased to annouce that we have two payment options for our members - Annual Subscription or Monthly Direct Debit. Once you have added your Payment Method you can then chose the payment option that best suits your needs via the 




Step 4 - Enjoy 

Once you have completed Step 3 you will have access to exclusive content, deals and all the Perks the N.R.F.A. has to offer. 


Join The N.R.F.A. Now!