Membership Benefits


  • Access latest news, legislation and everything else relevant to firefighters and your families
  • Add photos videos etc to a blog and share your experiences with fellow firefighters and tell your story from your part of the country.
  • Access to a members forum where you can ask the questions that need asking and discuss the way forward.
  • Avail of many discounts from top hotels, travel agencies, petrol stations and more – exclusively for our members
  • Keep up to date with the latest news on organised events , fundraisers both local and national .
  • You will receive half if not more of your membership subscription fees refunded when you reach retirement through receiving a €10 refund per annum plus the national service award e.g. €10 refund for ten year membership you will receive a €100 cheque and the national service award which will accumulate approximately almost two thirds of your membership fees for the ten years.
  • Even when you retire from the service you will still be a member of the NRFA and continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member, financially and socially.
  • All members retired and serving can enjoy social events such as national golf competition , national half marathons and 5Ks, etc all organised through the association.
  • Coordinate our AGM and coinciding social event each year.
  • We will approach all trade unions involved with all firefighters to update all members on current industry issues/actions and these will be posted on a section on the NRFA website.
  • The Association has a benevolent fund which entitles every serving member and their partner/spouse to avail of a €1500 payment in the event of an untimely loss of life to either you or your spouse/partner.
  • This is a work in progress and will expand and continue to ensure the strength and growth of the association for the benefit of all firefighters nationally.