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About this event:

Created by Paddy

Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

As we the Retained Firefighters of Ireland stand by in our communities ready to respond to the call for help we interact daily with the children in our lives. This may be your children, a family member or a friend’s child. You may be involved in the community and interact with a group of children you teach or coach.
Unfortunately, at any time one of these children could be diagnosed with cancer. When a child is diagnosed with cancer the lives of everybody in that family is affected both emotionally and financially.

One if not both parents end up leaving their job to look after the child. If the child is in Hospital traveling up and down to Dublin increases the pressure on parents, bills pile up and siblings tend to heart breaking as it is move into the shadows, as parents try to help their sick child. Aoibheann’s Pink Tie recognised this and decided to do something to help.

By constructing purpose built apartments on a site near the new children’s hospital (which has already been secured) the parents who have sick children in the hospital would have the option of using these apartments, helping to remove the cost of accommodation and car parking. The National Retained Firefighters Association of Ireland has chosen Aoibheann’s Pink Tie as its partner charity and have taken on board the challenge to answer their call for help.

We are tasked with funding one of these small apartment blocks construction, which on completion will carry a plaque on the wall stating what the firefighters of Ireland have done for these children and their parents.
We will achieve this by having an annual national bucket collection, which will be held on the last Saturday in August each year.

Starting this year our national bucket collection will take place across the country on Saturday the 31st August 2019. The launch of the “NRFA national bucket collection in association with Aoibheann’s Pink Tie” will have a full promotional media campaign behind it with many celebrities already on board. With every county on board this will be something for you to take great pride in looking back on you career in the service.

Brothers and Sisters of the fire service is what we are commonly known as across the world, the time has come to prove we are also family across this great Island! Across Ireland you and your colleagues can personally answer the biggest call out of all our lives, by simply giving a few hours once a year. Let us help the children of Ireland by helping their parents in this tangible way!

In order to get the fullest extent of information in relation to this, we ask you to ensure that every county in Ireland is represented on Saturday 22nd of June 2019 in the Glen Royal, Maynooth, County Kildare, at 3pm.
At this meeting all the relevant information in relation to the launch, structure and the role out of the events promotion will be presented.

Follow the link below watch the video and you will understand why we picked Aoibheanns Pink Tie.
Aoibheanns Pink Tie (3 min)

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