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The National Retained Firefighters Association welcome involvement from businesses across Ireland and beyond. If you feel your business could provide a unique perk, discount or could help Retained Fire Service Members in Ireland get in touch with us today. Our Perks team are continually looking for new opportunities and partnerships with business both large and small in Ireland. Getting involved with the N.R.F.A. Perks has been a tremendous success for numerous Irish business both from a Public Relations and Marketing perspective. Don't delay, get involved today!. 

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Did You Know? 

Retained Firefighters are the lifebloods of the Fire Service in Ireland. In towns and villages across Ireland right now, there are men and woman prepared to drop what they are doing and rush to the aid of a perfect stranger, the moment their alerter goes off. While many people should never need the Fire Service, rest assured when somebody does, the most committed and selfless individuals are ready to rush to their aid. 

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