Retained Brigades now recognised for 2020 National Service Day celebrations

The National Services day was first launched in 2018 thanks to Mr. Seamus O’Neill of FESSEF. It was due to the support that Seamus, a retired school principle, received from members of the frontline services in fundraisers for his school, that he decided to organise and hold such an event. He recognised that there was no true recognition for what the members of our emergency services do on a daily basis and decided to change this. A National Services Day was born and this brought all services to one place in order to be appreciated by the general public in which we serve.

Mr. O’Neill’s initial problem during his start up was, not for his lack of trying, but the lack of communication down to the front line services. The retained brigades of Ireland have not yet taken part in the National Services Day parades and questions have been asked following 2 successful years of this ceremony as to why there is no representation from us. We have since been speaking with Mr O’Neill and understand that he really did try to contact as many organisations as possible, including ourselves. He also mentioned to us that there are possibly still one or two organisations that still have not participated in the event and would ask that if you wish to attend an event in order for your service to be recognised, to please email Seamus at and give him a hand with the correct means of communication so that going forward, nobody within our country will be left out.

We, the NRFA, are delighted to have opened communications with Mr. O’Neill and appreciate that he will liaise with ourselves in order to have the retained brigades represented going forward. Medals will be available to retained members also, however we are still trying to co-ordinate the best way of dispensing these to the brigade members. More info will follow on this.

Yes it is very early before the 2020 National Services Day celebrations however we wish to let the retained services of Ireland know that you will now have the opportunity to represent your brigades and service. You will now be recognised for your dedication towards the service you provide on a national level. Having representation from across the country at this will be monumental for the retained brigades in having one place to come together and to represent as one.

Further information is available within the NRFA members news portal.

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