Welcome to N.R.F.A.

The National Retained Firefighters Association is a group set up to help improve the working conditions of lives of Irish Retained Firefighters and
their families. 

The association works tirelessly to achieve their aims by highlighting the various aspects that impact on Firefighters lives through Lobbying Government Officials with regards to working conditions, Firefighters Mental Health and identifying areas that need
urgent attention. The N.R.F.A strives to ensure an effective, efficient and sustainable retained fire service to provide continued support and emergency response for the general public. We also provide a platform for retained Firefighters to voice their concerns to an audience that not only
understands their issues but they know will listen and offer support when required.

In addition to the aspects outlined above, becomnig a member of the N.R.F.A. provides you access to unique social events as well as discounts and deals with a host of local and national companies across the country. 


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