The N.R.F.A. is a representative body for all retained firefighters, we are not a trade union, we are an association . We are a body that works solely on behalf of all firefighters in Ireland. It is our wish to serve the community as best we can by empowering our members and by using the resources available to us. As firefighters we need a voice that is as important as the work we do.

That voice can come in the shape of a national association where we all come together united as one to lobby our T.D.s, councillors or any other political representatives who can help address our issues. Issues such as discontent, low moral & frustration which have affected the service for over a decade.
Firefighters on the front line have been taken for granted by those that head the service at government level for far too long. We, as a united group need vast improvements ASAP , both structurally and financially at a national level. Retention and recruitment of staff has become a major issue due to more and more personnel resigning their positions because these problems have not been resolved. This leaves the crews diminished to dangerous levels , resulting in added pressure for the remaining firefighters.

The National Retained Firefighters Association is subdivided into sectors across the country to faciliate ease of communication for firefighters on the ground. In total, there are 6 sectors with each sector having a unique set of representatives including a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO & Development officers. 

Each Sectoral Committee is to meet at the very least once per quarter during which the latest developments, insights and acitivities of the association can be discussed. Every year the four main officers of each sector are to attend national committee meetings which are held every second month. 

All Elected Sectoral Represenatives are respobsible for the smooth running of their sectors and ensure that the members within their representative sector are kept informed, up to date and advised on all matters relating to the National Retained Fire Service & the N.R.F.A. 

Additionally, recruitment of fire service members to individual sectors are the responsibility of each sectors elected officials. 

If you would like more information relating to the N.R.F.A. in your area we invite you speak to your designated Sectoral Committee via the links below. 

Benefits of Joining the N.R.F.A.

  • Access latest news, legislation and everything else relevant to firefighters and your families
  • Access to a members forum where you can ask the questions that need asking and discuss the way forward.
  • Avail of many discounts from top hotels, travel agencies, petrol stations and more – exclusively for our members
  • Keep up to date with the latest news on organised events , fundraisers both local and national .
  • You will receive the national service award upon retirement.
  • Even when you retire from the service you will still be a member of the NRFA and continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member, financially and socially.
  • All members retired and serving can enjoy social events such as national golf competition , national half marathons and 5Ks, etc all organised through the association.
  • Coordinate our AGM and coinciding social event each year.
  • We will approach all trade unions involved with all firefighters to update all members on current industry issues/actions and these will be posted on a section on the NRFA website.
  • The Association has a benevolent fund which entitles every serving member and their partner/spouse to avail of a €1500 payment in the event of an untimely loss of life to either you or your spouse/partner.
  • This is a work in progress and will expand and continue to ensure the strength and growth of the association for the benefit of all firefighters nationally.

Structure of N.R.F.A. Ireland